5 Important Steps When Your Offer has been Accepted

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Your Offer has been Accepted

      1. Complete a Home Inspection

  • Did you put the home inspection contingency into your offer? Be sure to hire a qualified home inspector and get the inspection done in the time frame specified in the purchase contract.
  • Review the written report provided by the inspector. Understand the severity of each item listed.
  • Decide a course of action after reviewing the list:
  • Cancel the contract in the time frame allowed when just cause is determined after the professional home inspection.
  • Determine what items must be fixed.
  • Determine what items you will ask your seller to fix and which items you, as the buyer, will fix.
    1. 2. Finalize Your Mortgage

  • Supply your lender with all the documents he will need in order to submit your loan in a timely fashion.
  • Secure a mortgage.
    1. 3. Get Ready to Move

  • This job is always bigger then you may have planned for.
  • Start early when planning to move.
  • Hire a moving company. Compare the costs. Get recommendations. Make a reservation.
  • Do not pack away any paper work that you may need for the loan.
  • Arrange with utilities for shut off at old home and turned on at new home.
  • Notify the post office of your change of address.
    1. 4. Attend a Final Walk-Through

  • This is a final check to ensure that the home is in the same condition it was during the inspection.
    1. 5. Prepare to Pay Closing Costs

  • Determine exactly how much money you will need to bring in for the closing.
  • Be sure to find out the method of payment that is accepted.

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