How Do I Get the Best Interest Rate for My Home Loan?

Evangeline Scott of Big Valley Mortgage in Folsom, CA answers the question “How do I get the best interest rate for my home loan?”

  • Work with a lender that know what is going on and follows the market regularly.
  • Be sure when comparing loans that you are looking at all the facts.
  • Interest rates can be bought down.
  • Credit score can affect interest rates.
  • Find a lender that you can trust. Referrals are best.

I believe it is important to work with people you can trust. I have compiled a list of lenders that I believe are trust worthy, well educated in their field and know how to get the job done. Please contact me today if you would like to be connected with one of my trusted loan officers.

I am happy to help you!

Pam McCoy, Realtor®, CNE®

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