Tips for Home Buyers When Purchasing a Home

Tips when in the process of purchasing a home.

  • Do not buy or lease a vehicle. When purchasing any large item or making a purchase on a credit card, your debt to income ratio may be affected. Lenders are very concerned about this debt to income ratio and the change may affect you qualifying for a loan.
  • Any money added to an account must be accounted for. Don’t add mattress money to an account.
  • Don’t start transferring funds around. All funds need to be accounted for.
  • Do not change jobs when in the middle of purchasing a home without putting a plan together with your lender.
  • Be in complete communication with your lender regarding your finances.
  • Do not order any furniture, appliances, etc. for your new home until you close escrow.
  • Don’t run your credit report during the process. This is a red flag to the lender. The lender will be wondering what other purchases you are planning on making.
  • If you want a copy of your credit report, just ask your lender.
  • Do not consolidate all your debt into one place during the home buying process.
  • Be sure to have all your important papers available before packing i.e. tax returns, bankruptcy papers, etc.

These are important tips to remember when getting ready to purchase a home.

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