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Do you want to eat out for lunch but are worried about the quality of meat?

Dean at Kabob Express only uses fresh meats and poultry that are grain fed with no antibiotics and no hormones.

big screen tv/monitor at Kabob Express

Are you looking for a place to hold a networking event?

Kabob Express is a great place to host your next networking event. They have a big screen tv/monitor that you can use for your presentation plus free wi-fi.

Kabob Persian and Mediterannean Eatery Express sign

Need catering or lunch delivered for a group?

Dean at Kabob Express enjoys catering for 200-600 people. He also will deliver lunch to large groups.

chicken kabob, rice, salad
Chicken Kabobs with rice and salad.

I had a great lunch at Kabob Express in Folsom with Dean, Owner and Caterer.

Kabob Express, Persian and Mediterranean is one of my Folsom Favorites!

Do you have a favorite place for lunch in Folsom?

Bon Appétit,

Pam McCoy

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