Real Estate Review Video for October, 2011

How long will this lateral direction last? has published this real estate review video. Here are some of the highlights from the video:

  • The economy is going in a lateral direction with some ups and downs.
  • The Case-Shiller index is up .3 from a year ago and prices stable over last 3 years.
  • The FHFA index shows home pricing has been relatively neutral.
  • New homes are being built in the west where inventory of distressed sales have cleared up.
  • Home builder confidence index.
  • Retail sales have jumped 1.1%.
  • Consumers are putting funds into the market place.
  • Mortgage applications are up 4.9% following a decline.
  • Refinancing is still soft in-spite of the low interest rates.
  • Moving towards a 4% inflation rate which may cause a shadow on the holiday spending.
  • Import and export prices have been growing at double digit rates.

Signs that the economy is improving

may mean now IS the time to buy!

Good signs that we are out of the recession and heading to a positive market for 2012.

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Have You Considered Installing a Solar System in Your Home?

Have you considered installing a solar system for your home?

Utility companies charge for electricity in kilowats used and often bill as a tier rate. Meaning the more electricity you use, the more expensive the electricity is. Solar power can help reduce the amount of kilowats used hence lower your electrical utility bills substantially.

A new system can cost from $10,000 to $50,000 to install depending on the size of the panels and the performance level. Keep in mind when selecting a system the performance level. There can be a big difference between the different performance levels. You may gain 12% efficiency going up to the next performance level which over all can save you more money.

Solar panels last for approximately 30 years. It is important to understand the equipment rankings and quality.

Check with the Federal Government for tax benefits, there may be up to 30% in tax benefits available.

Your Folsom and Granite Bay Real Estate agent,
Pam McCoy

Coldwell Banker Realtors® Help Build a Home – Habitat for Humanity

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is a proud sponsor of Habitat for Humanity. Every August Coldwell Banker offices plan events to raise funds for Habitat.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

Many offices volunteer throughout the month lending a hand at a nearby Habitat home building site.
My office volunteered this past Thursday. This is a picture of me with the future home owners.

The owners of the Habitat for Humanity homes go through an extensive application process. Once they are chosen, they are required to put in at least 500 hours building their home. The homeowners for this project worked with us all day. Even though Habitat has just begun to build their home, this hard-working couple already has in over 350 hours of labor working on other homes! That is dedication and shows appreciation!

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity
From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

They were the sweetest couple and worked hard all day long.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

Our job was to dig out all the footings.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity
From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

We had to do some surveying.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

La Bou saved the day when they delivered a tasty box lunch and cold drinks.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity
From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

There was a delicious cookie hidden under this scrumptious sandwich, too!

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

We were very hungry were happy to find some shade to sit under.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

Before we went back to work, our forman Scott, took us over to another Habitat for Humanity house that they had just completed.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers put in a lovely garden.

From Coldwell Banker Folsom = Habitat for Humanity

It was a great day. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to help others. It feels so good to give back.

Life is great!

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Folsom Realtors® Lend a Hand Building Homes

It was a great day helping this beautiful family through Habitat for Humanity and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage with the beginning steps to building their home. We dug trenches today.

Tomorrow they will be putting in the forms for the footings.

This home is planned to be completed by mid September.

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“If I can count on you, and you can count on me, just think what a wonderful world this will be.”–unknown