Overpricing Your Home Attracts Fewer Buyers

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Overpricing your home will attract fewer potential buyers and may cause it to sit on the market for longer than desired.

Comprehensive Market Anaylsis – Today’s Current Market

That is why it is important to get a comprehensive market study done on your home before reaching the best market value for the current housing market.

A comprehensive market analysis will show current housing inventory, current listing price, price reductions, listings that have expired, listings that have sold (with consideration to days on market, location, amenities and price). It will also include marketing trends and For Sale by Owners (FSBO).

To arrive at the optimal price:

  • Requires evaluation and understanding of the current market conditions
  • Examining the marketable features of your home
  • Evaluating the trend in the current market place

Additional questions we will want to answer when determining the price of your home:

  • Is there a pool of potential buyers ready to buy in your neighborhood?
  • What price will attract these buyers?
  • What have buyers recently paid for similar properties?
  • What are some of the amenities your neighborhood has to offer?

Always remember, the higher your home is priced above market value, the fewer number of available buyers.

No one wants to have their home on the market for longer then necessary. It is a lot of work to keep your house up for showings to potential buyers. That is why I not only work with you to come up for the best asking price for your home but put together an extensive marketing plan that will drive in potential buyers to get your home sold as quickly as possible keeping you, the consumer’s goals in mind.

I am happy to do a market study for you. Call me today 916-865-8759 or email me.

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