Why Should I Get a Termite and Pest Inspection?

Wood Destroying Inspections

Termites can do a lot of damage on a home. You want to be sure you are not purchasing a home that has thousands of dollars in damage.

Spending money on Inspections can SAVE you money in the long run.

When purchasing a home, you want to know as much about that home as you can. Hiring a Professional Termite and Inspection Company to do a thorough report on the property is a good investment.

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Dean talks about Why Folsom?

Dean of Folsom Quality Meats and Kabob Express discuss “Why he likes living and owning his business in Folsom” in this video.

Why Live in Folsom?

Dean says, “Folsom is a great town and he has been here for 18 years. It is a slow growing city.” Dean believes it is the best city to live in Northern California because it is diverse and has a high quality of life.

Do you live in Folsom? What do you love about our city?

A Home is Where You Family Is | Home Memories – XSight Photography

We all have different home memories

Gail and Deb of Xsight Photography Studios in Folsom talk about their home memories in this vlog. Both have completely different memories.

Gail says it is more then just the four walls. It is important to have a home that you can create memories in.

Deb talks about having to move every few years. She talks about a house is just a house but a home is somewhere that you can put your roots, your memories, and your family.

You can reach Gail and Deb at their photography studio in Folsom.

Xsight Photography
605 Sutter Street
Folsom, CA

Grandma’s House | Memories of Home – Evangeline Scott

Do you have memories of Grandma’s House?

Evangeline Scott, named after her Grandma, talks about her Grandma’s house in Sacramento. The family always congregated at Grandma’s house where she served ice cream and they would sit by the big wood fireplace.

You can find Evangeline helping home buyers with their home loans at Big Valley Mortgage in Folsom, CA or call her at 916-496-0160.

Home memories….

Dad’s Garden | Home Memories – Kathy Bare

Kathy Bare talks about growing up in Fresno, CA on some acreage where her Dad always had a garden including a fresh flower garden. This is where Kathy began her love for flowers and putting together arrangements. Kathy continues her passion of putting together unique flower arrangements at her floral shop in Folsom, CA.

Kathy Bare
Crystal Rose Florist

Memories of home….

How Do I Get the Best Interest Rate for My Home Loan?

Evangeline Scott of Big Valley Mortgage in Folsom, CA answers the question “How do I get the best interest rate for my home loan?”

  • Work with a lender that know what is going on and follows the market regularly.
  • Be sure when comparing loans that you are looking at all the facts.
  • Interest rates can be bought down.
  • Credit score can affect interest rates.
  • Find a lender that you can trust. Referrals are best.

I believe it is important to work with people you can trust. I have compiled a list of lenders that I believe are trust worthy, well educated in their field and know how to get the job done. Please contact me today if you would like to be connected with one of my trusted loan officers.

I am happy to help you!

Pam McCoy, Realtor®, CNE®