Starbucks on Prairie City and Iron Point | Folsom Favorites

Do you have a favorite Starbucks?

I love the baristas at Starbucks at Prairie City and Iron Point in Folsom. They always are friendly, remember my name, ask me how I am doing and I occasionally even get a hug!

Where is your favorite Starbucks? Is it your favorite because of the baristas, the location or the layout of the coffee shop?

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There Was a Ghost | Home Memories – Debi Gaul

Debi owned a 62 year old Historical Home in Tuscon, Arizona. This home had adobe walls and unique characteristics. What she found living there was a spirit…a friendly spirit!

Today you can find Debi giving massages in Sacramento, California where she will help you seek relief of pain or stress to help you on the way to a healthier goal.

Debi Gaul, LCMT
Heartfelt Hands Massage

Memories of home…