1000 Pumpkins along Sutter Street in Folsom

Were there a 1000 pumpkins? I know there were a lot! This is the third year of this annual event in Folsom which is hosted by MyFolsom.com. The past two years only reached around 300 pumpkins but this year they were hoping for more with several raffle prizes offered for those local residents that participated in this event.

Bees, princesses, spidermen, witches and monsters along with a host of other costumes were worn by children and adults as they walked along Sutter Street in Folsom. Store owners passed out candy to the early trick-or-treaters.

Charlie Brown and Beetlejuice were enjoyed by many on a large screen awhile eating popcorn in a near-by by parking lot.

Did someone mention ice cream? The lines were long but worth the wait at Snooks for rich creamy ice cream. Others enjoyed pizza at Pizzeria Classico and Chicago Fire.

What was your favorite pumpkin?

Pizzeria Classico | Favorite Home Town Places

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!
Pizza and beer!
Pizza and salad!
Pizza and garlic chips!
Pizza and friends!

Yep! Pizza goes well with lots of things!

There are quite a few pizza establishments in Folsom and Granite Bay but I have to say that this pizza is my very favorite!

Bon appetite!

I would love to have you join me at Pizzeria Classico in Old Town Folsom. When shall we meet?

Your Folsom and Granite Bay Realtor®,
Pam McCoy

XSight Portrait Photography Historic Folsom | Favorite Folsom Places

Folsom Electric building in Historic Old Town Folsom
Folsom Electric Building is home to XSight Photography Studio

XSight Portrait Photography is one of my favorite Folsom Businesses. I recently had my new business portrait taken at the studio and was very impressed with Gail DeMarco’s photography style. The studio is in the heart of Historic Folsom in the Folsom Electric Building built by Doug Scalzi.

Xsight Photography Studio in the Doug Scalzi building.
XSight Photography Studio

Are you thinking about getting your family portrait? Now is the time to get your photo taken for the holidays. You will love the custom portraits that Gail and her team shoot. The quality and attention to detail is extraordinary.

Xsight Photography Studio in the Doug Scalzi building.
XSight Photography Studio

XSight Photography

604 Sutter Street, Suite 100
Folsom, CA 95630

XSight Portrait Photography

Check out their photo gallery, too!

Cruisers line Sutter Street in Old Town Folsom

Saturday, August 20th was “Graffiti Night” in Old Town Folsom. Not graffiti as in writing on the walls but graffiti as in displaying pre-1960 cars. Remember the days? When you would hop into your Camaro and cruise along Whittier Boulevard, Sunrise Boulevard, or Hollywood Boulevard. After cruising for a few hours checking out the boys…or girls you would stop at the local hangout. Mine was Jack in the Box or Farrell’s ice cream.

What kind of car did you drive in the “Good ‘ole Days?”

Where was your favorite hang out?

Happy Cruising!


Folsom Thursday Night Market

Local Events

Folsom Thursday Night Market-Sutter Street

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is attend the Folsom Thursday Night Market. We will often go out to dinner before hand at Chicago Fire for pizza, Hacienda del Rio for Mexican food, or other nearby restaurants. I love to walk along Sutter street and talk with the different street vendors.

Christa Carozzo of the Mustard Seed and Laura Waugh of Abstract Grace shared a booth of beautiful handmade items for women and children. These young moms are very talented. They also sell their merchandise on Etsy.

Christa Carozzo of Mustard Seed and Laura Waugh of Abstract Grace
Folsom Thursday Night Market-Sutter Street
Folsom Thursday Night Market-Sutter Street

People are so talented! How did they think of making these portable fire-pits?!

Folsom Thursday Night Market-Sutter Street
Folsom Thursday Night Market-Sutter Street
Richs ice cream
Richs ice cream
Richs ice cream


Richs ice cream catering

The best part of the evening…
Rich’s ice cream! I can’t believe they don’t have a store front! They only sell their ice cream at catering events. I think a Client Appreciation Party featuring Rich’s ice cream needs to be in the works! This ice cream is so delicious. It is rich and flavorful.

Every week a new band entertains the crowd which creates a true definition of “Dancing in the Streets!”

I think everyone needs to attend the Thursday Night Market at least once during the summer. If for no other reason, than to enjoy the delicious desserts!

Make it a great day!